Euro-Asian Accrediting Association

Euro-Asian Accrediting Association

Euro-Asian Accrediting Association (EAAA)


 Евро-Азиатская Аккредитационная Ассоциация


The Euro-Asian Accrediting Association (EAAA) is the youngest accreditation association in the family of evangelical agencies that are involved in the accreditation of Christian educational institutions. Works on its creation began in 993, but only in 1997 was it officially established.

As of the beginning of 2014 the EAAA unites more than 60 educational institutions and other organizations that are interested in Christian education in the area of former Soviet Union.

EAAA is a member of a global family of accreditation agencies. All these agencies are members of ICETE (International Council of Evangelical Theological Education)

TVSEMINARY  together with some other evangelical institutions participates in creation of educational consortium «Theology online». Many of the courses on the website of TVSeminary are being used in the consortium for educating students in different schools of EAAA. Before being accepted in the consortium the online courses are going through many checks and analysis, which says a lot about the quality of the TVSEMINARY courses.