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Bachelor of Ministry

Are you looking for profound academic preparation for church ministry? Are you ready for an in-depth and advanced study of the Bible and other sciences to be properly equipped to serve the Lord? Do you aspire to develop your own theological views and provide clear, Bible-based argumentation to support your position?

TVSeminary offers an online program Bachelor of Ministry.


Educational goals of the program:

  • equipping Christians for ministry at a local church;
  • developing skills of biblical interpretation;
  • developing biblical world-view and values;
  • presenting a strong theological framework for Christian ministry;
  • developing skills in combining theory and practice of church ministry;  
  • providing tools for personal spiritual application of the acquired knowledge and its implementation in church ministry. 

Upon completion of the program you should have the skills and ability to:

    1. have thorough theological foundation grounded in the Bible
    2. use biblical knowledge in life and ministry;
    3. use hermeneutical principles, discover the real meaning of biblical texts, transform it into a timeless truth and put it into the present day context. 
    4. understand the Scripture, the historical and cultural settings in which the Books of the Bible were written, as well as the mindset of the people of Biblical times.  
    5. present and defend your own well-reasoned theological position, based on sound biblical teaching; give overview of the history of Christian theology; 
    6. preach according to the key principles of homiletics and rhetoric;
    7. teach the Bible applying the most effective methods and techniques; 
    8. experience different kinds of church and/or pastoral/missionary ministries; serve the Lord as a Great Commission-oriented minister;  
    9. demonstrate the maturity of a Christian minister, who practices what he preaches.   

Online Learning is the future of Christian Education!

To familiarize yourself with the modular program “bachelor of Ministry”, please download the file: Bachelor_in Christian Ministry_BA_TVSEMINARY_01_10_2014 

Registering for the program BACHELOR IN MINISTRY

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