Biblical Studies



Would you like to know how the Bible came into existence and how the biblical canon was formed? Do you strive to develop skills of biblical interpretation? Do you seek to discover the intended meaning of a biblical text? Is it important for you to be able to make a logical argument for the Bible’s authority, inerrancy and inspiration?


Trinity Video Seminary TVSEMINARY offers an online program in Biblical Studies.

Educational goals of the program

To enable the students to:

  • read the Scripture effectively;
  • implement the keys and instruments for biblical interpretation;
  • develop increased interest and motivation for learning theology and see its value for practical ministry;
  • define and specify the meaning of the related theological terms;
  • single out major stages of Hermeneutics, both in Judaism and Christianity;
  • have an awareness of the three theological systems which effect hermeneutical text analysis;
  • discern and use hermeneutical principles in Scripture interpretation and practical problem-solving;
  • interpret a biblical text in light of related historical and literary context, taking into account its linguistic characteristics and theological content;
  • articulate coherently the results of the undertaken hermeneutical text analysis for the purpose of its practical application.

Upon completion of the program in Biblical Studies you should have the skills and ability to:

  • apply the three steps of the inductive Bible study method;
  • demonstrate correct interpretation and effective practical application of biblical texts written in different literary genres;
  • discern the significance of contextualization and practical application of biblical principles;
  • interact with various doctrinal concepts and ideas and evaluate the related discussions and debates;
  • articulate and present arguments for inerrancy of the Bible;
  • engage competently in discussions and present your views on various issues of biblical studies;
  • integrate learning and Christian ministry in every day in both a local church and the Universal Church.


  • Oleg Shevkun
  • John Feinberg
  • Ronnie Stevens
  • Graham Cole

To access the list of courses this program includes, please download the file: Biblical_Studies_2014

This program is available only in Russian

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