Preaching Ministry

Preaching Ministry


Preaching Ministry

Do you preach at a church? Are you a diligent Bible student and proclaimer of God’s Word? Would you like to bring God’s Word to the church more effectively? 

Trinity Video Seminary offers an online program in Preaching.

Educational goals of the program:

  • to provide learners with theoretical understanding and practical skills in preaching, essential to effective sermon preparation and presentation at a local church;
  • to enable learners to see the significance of preparation for a sermon as a speech influenced/prompted by the Holy Spirit through the Word of God, delivered to a certain group of people for a specific purpose.
  • to develop  learners’ skills in sermon preparation beginning with textual analysis, making an outline (marked by unity and consistent moving through the required structural units towards the climax) to the actual presentation/delivery.
  • to cultivate skills of self-directed study and personal development.

Upon completion of the program you should have the skills and ability to:

  • teach the Word of God with regard to the context;
  • prepare and deliver a sermon effectively;
  • identify the pre-requisites for an effective sermon.


To familiarize yourself with the modular program “Preaching Ministry”, please download the file: (program_homiletics_2014).


This program available ONLY IN RUSSIAN 

Registering for the program Preaching Ministry

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